Grantsmanship Public/Private Course

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J. Michael Robinson is a recognized expert in the field of grant writing, management and nonprofit finance. He has been responsible for the development and management of numerous economic development programs and projects for municipalities, counties, federal agencies and regional authorities. His diverse background includes positions in fund raising and grants writing. He has served in executive positions in profit and nonprofit management. He has held positions as Assistant Professor, Executive Director and College Trustee. Mike is President of Sand Dollar Systems Inc.

Kansas Behavioral Science Regulatory Board
Provider Number 20-001

In addition to completing and submitting a grant to a funding source, attendees may choose to acquire 12 CEUs embedded within the course.

4 CEUs – Understanding Nonprofit Organizations
4 CEUS – Understanding Researching and Evaluating Funding Sources
4CEUs – The Ethics of Grant Writing and Fund Raising

The CEU offerings are provided at no additional charge for those attending the entire course.

Licensees may register for Understanding Nonprofit Organizations and/or Understanding Researching and Evaluating Funding Sources only. The cost is $60.00 for each offering.
The Ethics of Grant Writing and Fund Raising requires Understanding Nonprofit Organizations and Understanding Researching and Evaluating Funding Sources as prerequisites. The cost is $60.00.

Sand Dollar Learning Systems is an approved provider of continuing education by the Kansas Behavioral Science Regulatory Board (Number 20-001).
Attendees may be confidant that awarded CEUs will meet all regulatory board requirements for their state.

This is a 5 day online course. The next session begins October 7th and will continue on October 14th, 21st, 28th and November 4th. Class starts promptly at 8:00am and ends at 5:00pm.

Location: Online via Zoom.

In this course you will not only learn about grants (information listed below), you will also learn about the fundamentals of how a non-profit should operate, how to uphold the integrity and ensure your organization is compliant with the rules and regulations set for non-profits according to OMB.



At present approximately 86,192 foundations are functioning nationwide, with a total of $715,000,000,000 in assets.  In addition thousands of corporations and individual philanthropist contribute to projects yearly.  Conservative estimates place the amount of funds provided by private sources in excess of $52,000,000,000 annually. Figures acquired from The Foundation Center 2014 Report. Public law requires that foundations contribute on a yearly basis. One of the most serious problems confronted by foundations is the low quality of the proposals that are received.


There are nearly 1,500 major federal and state funding sources. Comprehensive information and weekly updates concerning federal funding sources are available through local congressional offices. Public funding is allocated in every state. It is anticipated that over $150 billion in federal contracts and cooperative agreements will be awarded this fiscal year. Nearly $100 billion in federal and state grants will be awarded during this fiscal year.


GRANTSMANSHIP: PUBLIC/PRIVATE is a seminar offered by Sand Dollar Learning Systems. It is unique in that it:

* Is designed for health professionals, developers, directors, social workers, financial administrators, and consultants who serve in the public and private nonprofit sectors.

* Allows for the generation of a proposal upon completion of the course to be submitted to various funding sources as the result of a team effort.

* Enables individuals within agencies to become grants persons by understanding how to utilize existing resources in order to access foundation, corporate, federal, state, and local funding sources.


This five-day intensive seminar involves eight hours a day of in- class work with goals of discussing components of grant process and preparing a basic grant application. Content includes:
1. Sources of funding
2. Location of funding sources
3. Office of Management and Budget regulation
4. Types of nonprofit organizations
5. Proposal components
6. Budgeting skills
7. Nonprofit finance
In addition to the time spent in class, attendees should anticipate an additional 12-18 hours in order to generate and submit a proposal.


The redirection of resources at the national level over the past few years has substantially impacted service delivery throughout the country. Nonprofit organizations now are required to diversify funding sources and create innovative administrative mechanisms and delivery systems in order to maintain services. The formation and management of coalitions; the development of multiple funding sources; and the use of existing resources to attract additional funding are essential to the survival and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations. As a result, administrators, policy makers, fund developers, fiscal officers, project officers, and individuals responsible for budgeting and budgetary compliance should attend this seminar.


I found this class to be very worthwhile.  There is a lot to be said to the value of learning from someone who has not only submitted thousands of proposals for funding but reviewed just as many on behalf of funding sources.  This experienced insight was noticeable and able to be backed up by real life scenarios.  I found this course to be high level yet easily understood.  Both of which are reasons I would recommend anyone in the grants making field take this course. ~Keith


The fee for this course is $500.00 for the first person, $450.00 for the second and $400.00 for the third person from the same agency. Student rates are available on a limited basis. All fees are DUE AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR to the beginning date of the seminar. A digital copy of the material will be sent out the week prior to the first day of class. Sand Dollar Management Systems Inc reserves the right to cancel any seminar if 10 organizations and/or individuals without organizational affiliation are not registered 7 days prior to the beginning date of the seminar. In the event of said cancellation, fully registered participants will be scheduled into the next regularly occurring seminar offered by the Sand Dollar Systems Inc. 

Your license number must be included in the “additional notes” section at check out to ensure proper CEU credits for the completed class.

Location: Online via Zoom
The link will be sent out one week prior to the start of the course.

In the event of a cancellation, fully registered participants will be scheduled into the next regularly occurring seminar offered by the Sand Dollar Learning Centers.

Certificates will be released upon successful completion of the class quiz and course evaluation. 

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